Warning - late payment can affect ability to borrow in the future


• You must work and reside in Lagos.
• You should be 21 – 55 years old
• You must be a salary earner with a minimum of 1 year in your current employment OR 18 months of continuous employment prior to your loan application date.
• You must have a positive credit history from any loans taken at other financial institutions
• You must not have a history of returned cheques on your account

Yes. In addition to the conditions above, your approved loan must expire at least 3 months before the end of your fixed term contract, or your retirement. If your contract has recently been renewed, please ensure we have the most current version of this document when you apply.
Your bank account will be credited within 24 hours after we receive the required documents and verify your details.
You can apply online on our website, visit one of our sales outlets or call us and we will be happy to send an experienced sales representative to you.
Our loans range from N40,000 to N2,000,000. To ensure you do not fall into financial trouble, we insist that your One Credit repayment and repayments on any other loans being serviced cannot exceed 40% of your net monthly salary.
The amount available to you depends on your monthly income and your financial needs. Please use the calculator on our home page to determine how much you can borrow.
• Valid identification (such as a driver’s license, international passport or national ID)
• Staff Identity Card
• One recent passport photograph
• Bank statements showing 6 (most recent) salary credits
• Pay slips are compulsory for government workers
• Employment letter and/or promotion letter, confirmation letter or salary review letter(s)
• Repayment instrument: either monthly post-dated cheques or a Direct Debit Mandate, dated in line with your salary date
Note – One Credit reports cases of forged document to the Police
Please visit o.onefi.co/contact-us for full information on our locations and contact details.
No, you can apply online at o.onefi.co or we can send a sales representative to visit you at the office address you provide.
Yes, you can change the amount before a loan is approved by contacting us via email or phone call to communicate your request. Please note that this may cause delays in the process, as you will likely need to change certain details of your application as a result.
Your first repayment is usually due on your next salary date after the loan is disbursed into your account. Subsequent repayments will be on same day of each month until the loan has been repaid. If your next salary payment date falls too close to disbursement, we will advise you on a repayment plan that best suits your needs.
Late repayments will attract daily fees and reporting of delinquent loan status to credit bureaus, so please ensure your account is funded when due
Repayment will be taken using the repayment instrument you provide while applying for the loan. We may allow you to make direct transfers and cash deposits on rare occasions. However, please note that there may be penalties for cash deposits made due to late repayments.
Yes, however early settlement does not attract discounts on the interest charge, this means that full interest repayment will be required.
We only accept full monthly repayments at the agreed date and intervals, using your provided repayment instrument. If you do not make a full payment on your due date, your account will go into arrears and you may accrue late fees.
One Credit submits data on the performance of loans granted to all nationally registered Credit Bureaus. Establishing a positive repayment history on loans can lead to higher amounts and lower rates on subsequent facilities. However, defaulting on a loan can cause significant issues as it will negatively impact on an individual’s ability to access loans from any financial institutions in future.
One Credit employs the use of debt collectors to recover outstanding amounts due from clients. Prolonged non-repayment or non-settlement of debt will attract Credit Bureau blacklisting, legal action and daily late fees.
No. Please ensure you select repayment terms you are comfortable with as One Credit will expect you to strictly adhere to the contract agreement.
No. As responsible lenders, One Credit does not offer multiple loans to any one individual.
You can apply for a loan renewal instantly. One Credit will consider the performance of your previous loan(s) and your current financial circumstances before approving.