Warning - late payment can affect ability to borrow in the future

How It Works

Convenient Loan Amounts

Convenient Loan Amounts

You can qualify for a loan of N40,000 to N2,000,000

Convenient Loan Amounts

Multiple Repayment Options

You can spread repayments over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

Fast Funding

Fast Funding

If approved, cash would be sent within 24 hours of receipt of complete documentation

Use the calculator

Use the calculator to know how much you want to borrow

View the cost before applying

View the cost before applying

What are the costs?

Score yourself

Use our easy to use score card to get an objective view of how credit worthy lenders think you are

Fill the application

Fill the application form online

Submit documents at our outlets or have us come pick them up through DHL our logistics partners free of charge

View required documents

We will analyse your application

You will receive a confirmation call from one of our agents


Decision made within 24 hours of receiving complete documents

comfortable with our terms?

If approved, decide if you are comfortable with our terms and conditions

loan disbursed to bank account

Loan is disbursed to your bank account


Repay on time

  • You will qualify for a repeat loan at a lower rate
  • Having a positive repayment history can grant you access to larger loan amounts in the future
  • Reduce documentation on your next loan application


Late Repayment

It is important you stay current on your repayments, as late repayments can lead to unfavourable outcomes

We report late payments to National Credit Bureaus, which will affect your credit rating, and makes getting a loan more difficult and expensive in the future

We may charge fees on late repayments


Check extra cost for delayed payment